Nordvalls launches new graphic profile

To further reflect the passion, flexibility and creativity that has been Nordvalls trademark since the beginning in 1907, and as part of our increased marketing efforts, we have in 2011 and 2012 gone through the strategic process of developing a new brand platform and updating our graphic profile.

The slogan "Etiketter man märker" ("labels that get noticed") has been associated with Nordvalls for almost 30 years, but today, we are so much more than just labels. With our new image, our goal is to become a "company that gets noticed".

The focus is on expressing the company's creative solutions and to find a logotyp that reflects this. A "label" that is turned into the letter N with two cuts was the obvious answer. The choice of colour is a combination of two bold colours; blue represents continuity with our previous visual profile - which again symbolises the sky and infinity, both in solutions and creativity – as well as a green colour contrast, representing nature, energy, spring, rebirth and spirit.

The purpose of introducing a new graphic profile is to create a cohesive entity based on our core values: Passion, Flexibility and Creativity. These values spring from Nordvalls strong corporate culture, with committed and enthusiastic staff who are always willing to adapt to the client's needs, and with a range of machinery which gives us a great deal of flexibility. A well-developed investment strategy has given us more than just breadth. It has also given us a factory with modern equipment. Together with skilled employees, this gives us the best possible conditions to put our creativity to the test.

Soon, Nordvalls will launch a new website based on the new graphic profile, and at the Scanpack trade show in Gothenburg in October, we will be present at our booth with a new and fresh look. We do hope you will stop by and get to know us at Nordvalls better, and that you take the opportunity to discuss new business opportunities! You'll find us at A02:42.