Nordvalls supports

Nordvalls is Sjöbo supports with packaging for the nice bracelets they sell for charitable causes. "We are very grateful for all the help we get. With Dreamproject we want to make a difference, we cannot reach the aim ourselves, however, but need many people to join in and help. Nordvalls plays a part in this", says Linus Eriksson, project initiator.


In Bangalore in India, there are currently almost 200 children whose dream about a bright future is based on getting the chance to go to school, get nutritious food, a roof over their heads thanks to Living Hope Children's Home. But they do not have any permanent place to be in, which means that the risk of being forced back into child labour, be married off and dreams shattered is imminent. was started with the sole purpose of selling bracelets of high quality, locally produced in Bangalore, to collect money for a new permanent children's home. All production of bracelets has already been paid for thanks to donations, so that every cent (except VAT) goes directly to a new children's home. This important work is something Nordvalls naturally wants to support.