Stick your neck out with great labels

Here at Nordvalls we have invested 20 million SEK in less than a year on new digital printing presses of the brand HP Indigo WS6800 complete with post processing equipment. This means we have the most modern digital department for label production in Sweden with lots of possibilities to create cool effects on your labels, making your product stand out on the shop shelves.

What would you say about hot foil? Hot foil printing or stamping can be made in many different colours and provides a very high quality with crisp outlines. Or perhaps embossing? Embossing is a technique which forms a slightly raised surface, also called relief print, on the surface of the label. It creates not only a beautiful design but also an exciting experience when you touch it. Combining embossing with a beautiful foil will give an extra lift.

We will help you build your brand

Thanks to our digital printing presses we can print both short and long runs which opens up possibilities for those who have a big assortment or who are small producers. It will give flexibility to those who need labels in many different languages, who run seasonal campaigns or who may wish to make a trial print to test the market. Whatever the case, we can help you capture the attention of consumers and build your brand.

We can also produce labels with variable print which means that every label is unique. This may be of particular interest for those who work in the pharmaceutical industry and would like to increase the traceability of their products.

These are only a few suggestions of what we can do for you.Contact

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