LdB: French favourite in new enchanting packaging

LdB, today owned by Cederroth, has created a unique position in the Swedish market with products most women recognise. The first products in the LdB range were launched in 1945, and today it's one of the best-selling skincare brands in Sweden. Did you know, by the way, that LdB is short for Lait de Beauté, which is French for beauty milk? Because the formula actually comes from Paris. In 2011, a journey was set out on to vitalise and modernise the brand and Nordvalls as the supplier of labels got to join in this exciting journey.

The new brand platform, the aim of which was to occupy a position in the market as more “chic & cheerful”, also involved creating a completely new packaging design for LdB's basic and special edition product ranges. The aim was to communicate a modern, feminine and playful brand with products that bring joy. Jonas Ingmarsson, Head of Packaging Development at Cederroth, says that the reason behind this strategy was that the previous design did not properly harmonise with the message they wanted to convey. The communication concept was “an enchanting scent” and so the purpose was to strengthen this.

In connection with the relaunch, Cederroth also elected to streamline the LdB-range and focus on the articles with the biggest potential. In May 2012, the new design was launched.

Labels that appeal to all the senses

Nordvalls got involved at an early stage of the design process for the new labels. The aim was for the illustrations, depicting flowers, fruit and butterflies and such, to become more emotional, get more depth and appeal to all the senses – but above all to portray the enchanting scent. Richard Tillblad, the designer and illustrator behind the new design, tells us that a completely new artistic idiom was used and that Nordvalls contributed its own solid knowledge of various printing techniques to recreate the desired design.

Combination printing with 3D-feel

Nordvalls chose combination printing consisting of Screen and Flexo with very fine details in Screen, something which requires a very high level of printing expertise. For the deodorant line, cold foil technology was added. As Cederroth was in search of a 3D-feel, Screen was the obvious printing method to use in this case as it builds up vertically and provides a relief, just like with raised printing. The biggest challenge was LdB's special edition Sweet Wonderland. First of all, they were looking for an extra 3D-feel to give the impression of the butterflies taking off from the bottle. Secondly, there were plenty of thin lines and a distinct golden hue added around the text on the front of the packaging. Here they played a little extra with combinations of Screen and Flexo to recreate the desired design.

Both Cederroths and the design agency were very happy with the print. Jonas Ingmarsson thinks that all print shops can manage the technical part, but it's not just about making a perfect label but getting all of them to look as if they come from the same family and creating brand awareness. Nordvalls met this challenge.

A stronger brand today

In hindsight it turned out that the new design was a spot-on. Maria Holmlund, Marketing Manager for the skin care segment at Cederroth, tells us the development of the LdB-range has been very positive since launching the new design and the first special edition Sweet Wonderland became a huge sales success.

Nordvalls are very happy that both the end-client Cederroth and their design agency are so pleased with the result. The journey with LdB shows that the earlier Nordvalls becomes involved in the design process of a new label, the more the client can get out of us as a supplier. By holding creative discussions, we can bring out the feeling the client and the creator desire.

Cederroth is working on many exciting new projects for LdB with Nordvalls as the supplier of labels. We look forward to continued good cooperation!


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