Norrlands Guld: The legend that got a makeover and hit the top of the sales charts

Norrlands Guld - owned by Spendrups - is one of our strongest and most well-established brands and, counted in litres, definitely one of the leading beers in Sweden. In 2010 it was decided to give Norrlands Guld a thorough makeover with a new label from Nordvalls. The success was enormous with an increase in sales of over 400 percent in two years. Here you can read the whole success story.

Norrlands Guld was first introduced in 1965 and has been brewed by Spendrups since 1989. This golden-yellow beer with the typical character of Norrland is targeted at those who want to meet up for a while after work, maybe at home watching a football or hockey game, without any frills. For those who don't want to put on a show or appear to be remarkable, but simply be themselves for a while.

A new look with a new label from Nordvalls

Claes Lindström is a strategic buyer at Spendrups and in charge of everything to do with the input materials, including the labels on the bottles. Mr. Lindström tells us that it was during 2010 that he met representatives from Nordvalls at a packaging trade fair in Malmo and they began discussing new business opportunities.

In April the same year, Norrlands Guld underwent a thorough makeover going from a bottle with a standard label and traditional cap to a completely new bottle with a twist-off cap and new label, made by Nordvalls. This makeover turned out to be a huge success. In two years sales increased by over 400 percent and that's keeping in mind that the marketing budget during this period remained basically unchanged. The huge success could thus be exclusively attributed to the new look of the bottle.

So what was the secret?

Mr. Lindström tells us that over the last few years, Spendrups had decided to replace the traditional wet glue labels with PSL-labels on many of their products, including Norrlands Guld. PSL stands for Pressure Sensitive Labels and is the English term for self-adhesive labels. Its simply a matter of putting more resources into the label and its design in order to increase the perception of quality.

For Norrlands Guld, Spendrups' design agency wanted to produce a label which would reflect as much as possible the feel of an old stamped sheet metal grocer's sign. The solution Nordvalls and Spendrups arrived at together was a label in PP-silver with a glossy surface and raised printing made using lacquer. This lacquer gave the label the lustre and sense of quality that Spendrups was looking for. Mr. Lindström says that all brands whose profiles are to be raised will be switching to the PSL-label in the future.

Hard fight on the shelves

On the shelves of  "Systembolaget" (Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly) the fight between the brands is tough as the range of beers on offer has increased dramatically in recent years. It is thus a matter of setting yourself apart from the competition and catching the attention of consumers. When it comes to Norrlands Guld, this is achieved in part through the label’s glossy surface. When you're then holding the product in your hands, you can clearly feel the raised printing which increases the sense of quality. Both Nordvalls and Spendrups are convinced that this label style has been a factor strongly contributing to Norrland Guld's success story.

Thanks to the great success with Norrlands Guld, and high quality at market-adapted prices, Spendrups has elected to enter into an agreement with Nordvalls for all PSL-lables (excluding Heineken). Nordvalls is very pleased to be one of the main suppliers of labels to Spendrups and is looking forward to continued good cooperation!


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