Want to learn more about labels?

Then attend Nordvalls' label school! Here we go through all elements that lie behind the creation of a label: materials theory, prepress, chromatics, printing techniques and application technology. The idea is for it to be a general all-round education about labels, but it can also be customised to your specific needs and requirements. When the opportunity arises, we also invite guest lecturers who will share their knowledge.

One training for all – as long as there is an interest in labels

All professional categories are welcome. In previous training sessions, we have had Strategic Buyers, Product and Business Developers, Packaging Engineers, Quality Technicians, Purchasers and Graphic Designers as participants. In short, everyone interested in learning more about labels is welcome.

Why do we have Nordvalls label school?

The answer is simple. The more you, as a customer, knows about labels, the lower the risk for misunderstandings in our cooperation and for you getting a product that does not live up to your expectations. Of course this is also a good way of showing you which options we provide and how we can develop your products, both with regard to design and functionality. We master all existing printing techniques in label production and there is not much we cannot do in terms of labels. We have a genuine passion for labels and extensive knowledge about what we are working with here and that is what we want to share through our label school. We also view our label school as a good way of consolidating our cooperation with you as customer.

A warm welcome to Nordvalls label school!

Our customers about Nordvalls label school.

"I want to thank you for a good start for us as novices in the field of labels. We may have been somewhat of a ragtag group with many challenging questions, but I feel your representatives managed to live up to expectations and would like to commend them for a great performance! We are hoping for mutually beneficial cooperation henceforth."

Görgen Nordlander, SCA

"All parts were very well covered. I now have a much better understanding of the way from ordering a new label to the finished product."

Eva Svantesson, Repligen Sweden AB

"Thank you for a very good and much appreciated label school. It gave us many new ideas, cleared up many questions and provided more knowledge about Nordvalls."

Olle Carlgren, Bona AB

"Overall, I thought the workshop was rewarding. It was a good mix of subjects and went into just about enough detail. Jörgen had very good answers to our questions.

I really think attending this workshop is good, both for those who don't know much about labels as well as those who already work with labels. Thank you so much!"

Kristina Andersson, Omega Pharma Nordic

"I think Nordvalls' label school was a very good workshop. I work in the supply department at Omega Pharma Nordic and did not have much technical knowledge about labels, so this was very enlightening.

Particularly interesting was the part about different printing techniques, which comes in very useful in my daily work. I would definitely recommend attending Nordvalls' label school."

Åsa Wik, Omega Pharma Nordic

"This was a fantastic course which gave me a lot. It was well structured and wide-ranging enough to catch the interest of all attendees."

Susan Hamsis, Procordia Food AB

"Nordvalls label school is a very good class, giving us an overall picture and better understanding of the production of labels."

Susanne Ljungström, Nordic Drugs AB

"I think it was a great day. It was useful with all the information about how different conditions affect the label materials. I also think it was useful with some repetition of everything to do with printing and prepress. Personally, I liked material science best. There is more knowledge to obtain here."

Niclas Syde, McNeil AB

"Thank you for the presentations and thanks for a good and informative day. I learnt several things I wasn't fully aware of before, which I will benefit from in the future."

Fredrik Ljung, Santa Maria AB

"It was a rewarding day with a good speaker and very interesting information. And to wrap up the day, a very interesting tour of the factory. So thank you so much for having taken the time to educate us as customers."

Charlotte Lindeberg, Biogaia AB

"We at QPharma think it was a rewarding day with many examples of what can go well and also wrong in both production and application. We learnt the importance of good communication between customer and printing house."

Annette Jerkerfält and Yvonne Ernst, QPharma AB

"I found it very interesting to find out about your extensive knowledge in regard to labels that are applied with an applicator; what to keep in mind and what problems may arise. I can imagine encountering this in our trade in the future.

It was also very interesting to get the chance to do a tour and see how the labels are manufactured – it really increases one's understanding for prices, waste, clichés and so on. I would have liked to get some information about the label materials per se, which are the most common ones and so on. Thank you for a nice and informative day!" 

Ulrika Svensson, Consafe Logistics AB