I over 108 år..

Nordvalls grunnlegger, Wiktor Hugo Olsson

A lot has happened since AB W.H. Nordvall & Co was founded as a family business in 1907. Here are some milestones from our long history:

  • 1907 AB W.H. Nordvall & Co is founded.

  • 1946 The company has 46 employees.

  • 1954 The business includes a printing press, a paper store and bookstore. The labels are developed from non-rubberized to rubberized, to dry rubberized and finally to self-adhesive.

  • 1963 The factory moves to new premises at its current location, and takes on its modern look.

  • 1981 Flexorotation presses are introduced.

  • 1983 Europe's first Zig-Zag press is purchased.

  • 1994 The first offset printing press begins to produce labels.

  • 1997 Development and production of folded labels begins.

  • 1998 Digital printing techniques are introduced.

  • 2000 New technique for the production of folded labels.

  • 2002 The largest UV-flexo press in Scandinavia is installed for label production.

  • 2004 Digital "prepress flow”, CTP-technique for flexographic and book printing.

  • 2005 Digital press is replaced by HP Indigo, opening up a sea of new opportunities.

  • 2007 100 year anniversary is celebrated with much fanfare.

  • 2008 Expansion of the digital "pre press flow" for offset and screen printing. Further investments are made in a wide UV flexographic press. Investment is made in production equipment for Shrink Sleeves.

  • 2009 Change to new and more advanced vision press control system.

  • 2010 Nordvalls acquires its new production facility Nordvalls Pharma - dedicated manufacture of products for the medical industry.

  • 2012 Nordvalls launches a new graphic profile and acquires Figosystem - one of Northern Europe's most modern flexographic printing facilities, in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg.

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